Online sessies

you have an active life and feel that something is wringing, you feel a little bit disturbed here and you have already taken various actions to get back into balance. You need some insight to take a next step to go through the blockade and tackle the problem at the root, you feel that now is the time to do so.

Feel fit and vital again, recharged to enjoy life again. You see through your own pitfalls that deprive your energy and you have insight into what gives and recharge your energy. Life recharges you, you have clarity and feel the liveliness for yourself and life again.


  • 3 individuele sessie face-to-face en/of online a 75 min
  • Lichaamswerk (massages en/of drukpunt behandeling)
  • Energetisch werk
  • Meditaties op jou afgestemd
  • Online meditatie programma ter ondersteuning
  • Doorlooptijd 2-3 maanden