Arrghh, going out of my mind, so much things I need to handle and so much impressions during my day, feeling like you just can’t get your mind from gear 5 to neutral again. Ok, I like to create a bit of drama here.

Recognize this after a long period of working very hard, little rest, still wanting to have a social life and do some form of sport so you take care of your body and health as well. Maybe this is a natural state of being for you; but is it truly a natural state of being? If you ask me no it’s not; it’s what you’re accustomed to, it’s how you trained your mind to to be and it’s how the environment is. Nothing wrong with this….let’s look at it from a bigger picture here…..

We all have our routines and we all need them and a lot of them really work for you but some start to work against you… you might start to doubt if you’re going out of your mind or your body starts to resist; feeling tired, having a painful and tensed body. Signs to take a step back from your life and see the bigger picture. If you red my previous blogs you can see I’m all about aligning body, mind and spirit. Why??…. Getting out of balance you either experience an unbalance in life; an burn-out, stress or other related common disease experienced frequently in our society. It shows that we forgot to take care of ourselves on a certain level. This can either be body, mind or spirit related. Sometime we can really not relate to the cause, there’s a disconnection from this part and our needs. You just keep on moving in your habitual way, your routines; interacting with your surroundings.

In order to stay in balance you’ll have to give attention to all the parts of your being. But most of all your mind will need time to quiet, so it can relax, rejuvenate and regenerate. A quite mind brings you back how we truly are feeling in your heart and connect to our body again. The body is a great tool that can tell you the story of what’s out of balance. Being occupied in your mind can numbs the bodily sensations, emotions get stuck in your body and your unconscious causing us to feel less vital and having a sense of trust and well-being. Through meditation you can quiet the mind and connect back to your body to the unconsciousness so you can restore and the stuck emotions from your system; see it as an mini vaction.

Want to learn how to meditate or try a new meditation, download now this free easy 13 minutes recording to clear your mind. The more you will listen to this recording the faster you will become at clearing your mind and you will with more ease step deeper and deeper into a meditative state of being.

For the dutch speakers I advise you to get this free course on how to meditate by following this link. 

Have a great day and know that peace of mind will show you the way to feel happiness from the inside out. You will start to see life from a different point of view….!!