My name is Nouty Bouchahda with a great fascination for all aspects of life. I remain a researcher, a traveler and a lover of live. Places that want to be visited, the journey around the world, the journey inside. Everything that makes the universe come to light. The magic of our existence, everything connected to each other, forming a whole. Our energetic blueprint that is a reflection of our cosmos and that makes who we are, unique each in his own way, everything can be lived, everything is allowed to unfold, everything can grow and in motion.

 Yoga, meditation, bodywork and mindfulness are my great loves in life. A voyage of discovery that continues and life is color and

 Sound gives the magic that is sometimes intangible. My passion and mission to share with as many people as possible that they are unique and that there is a world of beauty hidden in them. A world where peace and tranquility lead the way. I share this with everyone who comes my way and wants to receive it.

 Love for life, love for yourself to share it with each other with everything that comes with it.