NNouty is a passionate person, she lives by the philosophy that all existence is vibration, and the physical, emotional and spirit body is formed through those tones. Each person an individual concert, where every note represents a unique score. To learn how to work with the tones, we need to understand our own instrument and learn to play the cords to create music.

Her mission is to support others in becoming the best version of themselves, by tuning into their own unique melody, going beyond the boundries of the mind. Offering guidance to experience and aspiring others through, one-one-sessions, intensive workshops and trainings. For women and men that are drawn to a deeper understanding of their own physical journey, as part of the work to be reinstated in themselves.

She was raised in a family of energetic bodyworkers, but her path took her high up the corporate ladder, initially steering away from a more holistic calling. The beautiful flaw of easily giving rather than receiving brought her to the point of burning out. 

Challenged by the occasion, she departed for India to acknowledge her heritage in the healing arts. There she discovered that meditation and bodywork is a two-way channel. The practice that had ran in her family for generations took flight as she began to give room to her potential.